AFRUCA Children’s Champion Workshop

I love grassroots work and I love volunteering my skills. When I was awarded the Children’s Champion certificate by Debbie Ariyo OBE, Director and founder of AFRUCA charity, I felt a great responsibility to advocate even further and more widely on safeguarding issues for African children across African communities.

afruca workshop

The two day training delivered by the charity, is intensive and informative and has been well accessed. Champions then carry out workshops within African communities, addressing and raising awareness on the very critical issues of child abuse in African communities such as child chastisement, sexual abuse, emotional abuse, witchcraft branding etc. The vision is that these training programs will scale up knowledge on safeguarding issues for African children and reduce the numbers of African children who end up in the care, prison and mental health systems due to abuse and neglect.

afruca workshop 2


This weekend I delivered my first workshop at a christian church in South London. It was an engaging workshop, the community collectively acknowledged the challenges of raising children in the diaspora, whilst also acknowledging that some of our cultural methods of parenting are outdated and can be termed as harmful in UK laws. The pastor was most encouraging, receptive and supportive of the workshop. Here I was able to apply relevant experiences from my work in public health, safeguarding issues and on my work with mental health interventions for young people involved in gangs as well as sexual abuse in young people.

Thank you to Debbie Ariyo OBE, Saater Ikpaahindi, Iro Emokpae and everyone at AFRUCA for giving me another chance to do what I love do most, advocating for rights of children across our communities.

Dorcas Gwata

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