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On why I decided to work with vulnerable people

I am a Zimbabwean Public Health Specialist, writer and news analyst. I have worked and traveled across Africa and an active member of many global health platforms.
I studied Public Health and Gender Violence at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and have a specialist interest in gang culture, mental  health and HIV.  I was awarded Nursing Standard Mental Health Nurse 2015 (Please Click here details)
I was awarded Vodafone World of Difference award in 2013 and worked as an Mental Health Advisor for AFRUCA Charity, providing consultation on communities affected by FGM, Human trafficking, witchcraft brandishing.
I am a African Affairs News Analyst for Arise TV and have appeared on BBC Africa, ITV, BBC London Radio and Press TV.
When not running grassroots programs, I am likely to be found reading, viewing art, scanning African fabrics,cooking African food, on adventure travels around the world, in yoga,or, capoeira or cycling across London.
I am a Bantu woman and am well versed on many Bantu cultures and languages.

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