Major of London launches new public health approach to tackling youth violence

Press Release: 20.09.2018
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CNWL has been at the forefront of tackling youth violence and exploitation working in partnership with the Westminster Integrated Gangs Unit. Our lead staff Dorcas Gwata, Clinical Nurse Specialist and Dr Tami Kramer, Consultant Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist, welcome the announcement by the Major of London, Sadiq Khan, about the new approach to youth violence using a public health approach, which mirrors the successful violence reduction model in Glasgow.

The roots of youth violence are embedded in poverty, inequality and other social risk factor such as school failure, family breakdown, unemployment etc. Many of those  affected by or exposed to gang violence develop mental and physical health problems, and struggle to access mainstream mental and physical health services.  Innovative interventions, delivered by integrated​ multiagency statutory and voluntary service providers, within a London wide strategy, are  required to tackle this growing public health challenge.
Dr Kramer and Dorcas Gwata are looking forward to strengthening their work applying evidence based public health approaches. The announcement comes at a time when we are planning an event in partnership with the Royal College of Nursing themed ‘Nursing Against Youth Violence’ to be held on the 12th of November 2018
We encourage staff to register and attend.
310315 30th March 2015 Dorcas Gwata - Clinical Nurse Specialist with model posing as gang members (Joseph Amuah (male in first cafe shots, and in hoodie for external shots) & Rachel Ryan ( female in 2nd set of cafe shots & with hooded jacket, and wool green hat for outside shots). Pictures include one or both of the two models named.
30th March 2015
Dorcas Gwata – Clinical Nurse Specialist
Dorcas Gwata
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