Scotland My Dear.

At the height of the recent Scottish referendum, I was asked to come on BBC London Radio 94.9 FM, Dotun Adebayo’s Sunday show to air my views on the upcoming vote in view of my early migratory roots to Scotland and involvement in the African Diaspora. What did this referendum mean for ethnic minorities living … Continue reading Scotland My Dear.


Let’s Talk Openly About HIV

  “Why does HIV matter to you?  I was asked very recently at the “It Starts With Me” campaign, a brilliant initiative  organised by the Terrence Higgins Trust, to raise HIV awareness in Africans in the UK. HIV is everyone’s business. Most of us from Sub-Sahara Africa have lost close relatives and friends from HIV/AIDS. … Continue reading Let’s Talk Openly About HIV

Volunteering at  AFRUCA Summit 2014

In the world of giving, one is not really supposed to have a favourite charity, so I am really breaking the rules when I say AFRUCA charity is one of my most favoured. I was honoured to have worked with them through a Vodafone ‘World of Difference’ program and have since the volunteered for them … Continue reading Volunteering at  AFRUCA Summit 2014

Seminar with Binyavanga Wainaina at London School of Economics

On a cold winter’s evening at the London School of Economics, I stumble in with the student crowd and grab one of the last seats as the seminar room fills up beyond its capacity. Pan-Africanist, carefree, gay rights activist Kenyan born, Binyavanga Wainaina is holding a lecture called ‘We must free our imagination’, an extension … Continue reading Seminar with Binyavanga Wainaina at London School of Economics


‘Nigerians are everywhere, loud, domineering, flamboyant, untrustworthy and in your face ‘ the rhetoric goes on. As a fellow African I defend this, not because I have an invested interest in Nigeria’s oil or Nollywood industry, in fact I have never set foot on her soil, however some of the greatest people I come into … Continue reading Nigerians!

On why I decided to work with vulnerable people

I am a Zimbabwean Public Health Specialist, writer and news analyst. I have worked and traveled across Africa and an active member of many global health platforms. I studied Public Health and Gender Violence at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and have a specialist interest in gang culture, mental  health and HIV.  … Continue reading On why I decided to work with vulnerable people

Culture & Health

Women in Capoeira. LSC Exclusive with Global Health Lioness Dr Titilola Banjoko Gangs and Mental Health Interventions On Women Empowerment and Mental Health in Tanzania Awarded Mental Health Nurse 2015 Nursing Standards Awards 2015 Can a Ban on Witchcraft Protect People of Albanism in Tanzania Researching Gender Violence at The London School of Hygiene and … Continue reading Culture & Health