Current Affairs

On water on Mars, China in Africa on Arise TV

Analysing US politics, Thailand bombings and Iraq inquiry

The role of UN Women Officers in South Sudan

Analyzing Charleston massacre, MERS epidemic, and the lovely Pope

Discussing Migrants in Calais and gender violence in South Africa

Arise Tv. Analysing South Africa, Nigeria and Burundi

Dorcas Gwata and Vava Tampa on Burundi crisis

Dorcas Gwata and Warwick Onyeama on Arist TV, Africa Wrap

Muhammadu Buhari at Chatham House

Talking Africa with Charles Aniagolu of Arise TV

Interview with Professor Dr Vesile Senturk Cankorur

Nigerians elections, the long wait

Scoping mental health in Tanzania

African affairs analyst on Arise TV



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