Of injustice, rage and genocides. A PAN poem for Ahed Tamini

ForĀ #ahed_tamimi

Award winning Zimbabwean Poet, Philani Amadeus Nyoni writes a moving poem for Ahed Tamini, a young Palestinian young woman that speaks of an observed injustice, a global grief and our restlessness for a better future. Zimbabwe in conversation with Palestine.

PAN Ahed

There is a fire in your palm
That speaks for all injustice;
It is the rage of genocide
From Rwanda to Gukurahundi,
From power to power
The plight of the innocent
Tower to tower. Fire to fire,
Your palm against fire power.
There is a fire in your palm
I wish was in mine for see:
The pen would be mightier
Than gunpowder and I’d free you
Back to the dunes you call home.
But there is fire in your name;
It burns of promise.

Ahed Tamini 2

Philani A Nyoni was born in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe sometime in the last century. He has authored four books: “Once A Lover Always A Fool” (2012), “Hewn From Rock” (2014) with John Eppel, “Mars His Sword” (2016) and ‘Philtrum’ (2017)

Ahed Tamini


PAN Picture credit of KB Mpofu

Dorcas Gwata

Director of Tribal Sands 2018

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